Indoctrination is Slavery

Power is a tenuous thing. Wherever power seeks to control, it is surely underscored by fear. The greater the level of control an agency seeks to seize, the greater the fear. The thinking goes that differing factions or ideologies are a threat to the establishment. Feeling threatened is the byproduct of fear, a lack of confidence. The evidence of this phenomenon can be seen clearly in cases of dictatorship; the more power a dictator sought over the citizenry, the more paranoid they became.

Thus, paranoia – fear – became the dominant driver in all actions and decisions. The more power grows, the greater the fear. What is the fear, then? That it will be taken away. Because power is never given away freely, it can only be taken. Liberty must be fought for. Power knows this. It seeks control out of fear. Like the insecure husband who control his wife’s every action; he fears she will not be faithful. Why does he fear this? It is driven by insecurity, low self-esteem.

This low confidence is present in any person or institution which strives for control. They fear something inherent in the opposing idea. Control is the opposite of liberty. Do not allow an institution to convince you they are for liberty while trying to exercise utmost control. Nothing is more perfidious to a nation than the illusion of freedom, to a person than the illusion of knowledge.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This all ties in with the dissemination of ideas, also known as indoctrination. The easiest way to spread any idea is through indoctrination, which essentially entails pillaging a mind in its most defenseless state (youth are a prime example) to implant the chosen ideology. Indoctrination relies on subterfuge to mask the forceful injection of these ideas, culture, etc. One is essentially creating an army of drones.

An army of drones is an army of slaves.

Remember that slavery need not be limited to the physical. There are many ways to enthrall a person. Indoctrination amounts to intellectual slavery. The perpetrators are leaving the victims with no choice. One can argue that an individual always has a choice, but it is important to note that in taking advantage of the weakened state of the intended victims, they are like a wolf asking the rabbit why it doesn’t resist.

It must be said that if an idea must be spread by force, it isn’t a very strong one. Any ideology that suffers from waning proponents feels the nagging fear that it is losing its relevance. Instead of bolstering the ideology with sound argument, it takes the easy road and attempts to persuade by force. Persuasion by force has another name. Duress. Religion has been guilty of this all throughout history. Convert or die. It is no longer about the idea at that point, but about control. The fear of opposing ideas.

It is doubt that causes one to stoop to indoctrinating others. Doubt in the veracity of the idea. Like an athlete who cheats to win. The confident have faith in their abilities. Strong ideas have nothing to fear. Persuade with a strong argument, not duress. Indoctrination is slavery, and slavery is rampant.

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.

– Maximilien Robespierre


One comment on “Indoctrination is Slavery

  1. […] Yet that very notion of freedom disappears as soon as someone doesn’t want to stand or recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Do they not realize that if something is mandatory, it is no longer a freedom or a right, but a mandate? Never mind that asking children to swear allegiance to anything is ridiculous, as they cannot in any way be expected to understand what they are pledging their allegiance to (many adults don’t even understand), which makes it not a gesture of personal allegiance, but one of indoctrination, and as I’ve said before, indoctrination is slavery. […]


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