Why Your Resolution Will Probably Not Come to Pass

Welcome to a new year, the ultimate symbol of renewal, when the phoenix rises from the ashes of its own suicide. People are fond of fresh starts, a second chance to turn things around. It helps one cope with the feeling of inadequacy that creeps in and takes root in moments of reflection, those moments when one realizes he or she is not where they wanted to be.

So the natural response is to wish for a better life.

Humans are masters of wishful thinking.

As each year dies and cedes the reigns to the new, people lay out their highest hopes for what’s to come. The very air crackles with the energy of these collective aspirations. People resolve to do things, only to find that nothing changes. Most of these hopes fall by the wayside, abandoned in favor of simpler fare.

It is because most people lack resolve.

Instead they hope things will be magically different this year.

But most will find that this resolve dies a quick death, as humans are predisposed toward habit; the universal hallmark of failure is the habit of taking shelter inside the comfort zone and the habit of taking the easy road. The comfort zone becomes the familiar womb. Change is not the offspring of the familiar, but of the unknown and the uncomfortable. Seeking the womb is the byproduct of fear.

Different results, therefore, can only be manufactured by changing the input. Only a fool would type 1+1 into a calculator a thousand times still hoping for a different outcome. The formula is simple enough to be understood by all, yet the concept still manages to elude the majority. It is because most people cannot accept that their lot in life is the direct byproduct of the choices they make. If you change any of the starting parameters, the result will always change.

Each man is his own magical genie. Every life is the sum of the choices preceding the present moment. The future is designed by the choices we make in the present.

We all chose to be where we are, and we all choose where we will be. The goal does not move closer, it is firmly planted. One must go to the goal. The deciding factor of success is not stopping until it is reached.

Do not give in to fear of change. Do not allow apathy to rule the day. Do not seek the shelter of the comfort zone. Do not settle for mediocrity and complain that things are not as you hoped. Do not expect a different outcome when you do not change the effort you put into the formula.

Success is a choice. But so is failure.

Simply do not choose failure and it will not find you.


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